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Sjha'ra Taylor

Sjha’ra has studied, practiced and taught yoga and spiritual practice around the world for more than 15 years. Certified and passionate about Kundalini Yoga, she wants to encourage people to ignite their internal energy and expand their radiance through breath, movement, music and mantras

“There is an immediate effect in the body, but the thing I love about Kundalini yoga is that it goes beyond the physical. It’s much more of a holistic practice and works all the systems in the body and helps us go beyond the limitations of the mind.”
Sjha'ra Taylor

Jenna Brown

Showing an authentic and heartfelt passion for teaching others the practice of yoga, Jenna has a calming presence and simple approach to this ancient practice. Teaching Vinyasa and Yin yoga, she helps people make an internal connection, linking movement with breath to find a union between body and mind that allows space and clarity.

“The beauty of the practice is really stripping it back and finding the simplicity and going more within, because the real yoga is what you can’t see. It’s a journey to evolve.”
Jenna Brown

Matty Rainbow

Guiding his clients to make a positive change in their life is an integral part of what Matty Rainbow has to offer through healing and meditation practices.

“Vibration is everything. From movement, touch, sound, thought, nature – everything is a representationof vibration. I’m grateful that I can share sound and resonance vibrations for healing.”
Matty Rainbow

Seriya Cutbush

Seriya is a Byron Bay Yogini whose exposure to her mother’s Yoga and Healing life has left strong and lasting impressions on her very being. Her personal journey has guided Seriya to practicing and studying Meditation & Healing throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Central and North America.

“I’m looking forward to sharing the restorative powers of sound healing and helping people tap into divine energy that leads to mind clarity and a heightened self-awareness.”
Seriya Cutbush

Mel Gleeson

Founder of endota Spa, Mel Gleeson has always been passionate about making wellbeing a priority. With a passion for helping women be their best so they can live their best life, Mel is driven by her belief in the power of positive sharing and a desire for more meaningful connections.

Join Mel for a guided meditation designed to relax the body and clear the mind, bringing you a sense of deep self-awareness as you reconnect to your breath.

Parveen Singh

Born and raised in Byron, Parveen has always been immersed in the health and fitness centered culture of the coastal town. While she uses Pilates to calm and focus the mind, she loves to make her classes fun, with different options to increase or decrease the intensity, depending on how your body is feeling.

“Our energy field is in our spine, so with a strong core your energy can flow. By being able to control your mind during Pilates, you can engage your movements and focus. What your mind thinks your body follows.”
Parveen Singh

Nicki Strugnell

Nicki breathes wellness and self-care principles and is in love with guiding people through their movement journey with fun, fire and lots of love. Brought up by the beach in SA, Nicki got her start dancing in musicals, concerts and competitions & she has been practicing yoga for 16 years, Pilates & Barre for 5 years and teaching for 7 years.

Nicki is highly passionate about connection & community and is looking forward to you joining her in her full-body, connective Pilates workouts

Alexandra Bartlett

Alex is a personal trainer with a background in dance and fitness. Her main intention during every class is to encourage clients to release control and simply have fun, as helping others find joy in movement is what drives her.

“What I love most is seeing my clients walk away from classes with a big smile on their faces! I feel like I get just as much energy training them as they do from training.”
Alexandra Bartlett

Sasha Hawley

Born in Sydney but at home in the world, Sasha has taught the practice of peace via yoga, tai chi, meditation & humour throughout Europe, Turkey, South America & Australasia for 15 years. Certified by the Australasian Yoga Institute, Sasha completed her Advanced Teacher Training in Rishikesh (India) & Pre-Natal Yoga Training via Bliss Baby (Byron Bay) before becoming a Mum herself.

Allow Sasha to help guide you through the protection of your own energy fields. Take time to give your mind the gift of three simple tasks: exhaling distractions, engaging core support, and breathing methodologies.

Shannon Beard

Shannon is the director and founder of Nourish Hub.
She is a proud custodian for Ceremonial Grade Cacao, a Menstrual Cycle Mentor and an experienced Energy Healer.

Alongside her proudest creation, her fair trade, 100% waste-free Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Shannon guides people to connect to their intuition and come to know their true selves. This is facilitated through menstrual cycle mentoring, seasonal retreats & ceremonies and energy medicine healings.

Sonja Kyra-Bleau

Sonja’s yoga practice is strong, gentle and gracious. She’s also trained in ballet, certified in breathwork and meditation, and has been teaching yoga for over seven years. She’s driven by sharing her wealth of knowledge with people of all ages and skill level and wants to help others connect with their most authentic selves.

“Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.”
Sonja Kyra-Bleau

Laura Bennetto

With a background in psychology, nutrition, mental and sexual health, as well as qualifications in Pilates and personal training, Laura couldn’t be better equipped to help those around her define and attain their health and wellbeing goals. Having used Pilates to address imbalances in her body and recover from emotional and physical trauma, it’s the journey of growth and self-discovery that drives her passion and desire to help others.

“Pilates increases strength and flexibility of the body, mind and spirit. It is that incremental building of wellbeing of the whole person that I really enjoy.”
Laura Bennetto

Simran Khaira

A lifelong student of the art of healthy living and spiritual practice, Simran Khaira (also known as Simba) delivers Primal Yoga, a modern yoga that takes you on a journey of self-inquiry, awareness and enhanced health for maximum vitality.

Learning from mentors around the globe, Simba's practice draws inspiration from ancient taoist and yogic movements, teaching you to move in harmony with nature. Embedded in the traditional principles of yoga and qigong, primal yoga involves supple, free flowing movements to enhance your flexibility, stability, strength, energy and awareness.

Toby Mills

Toby Mills has studied, practiced, and taught Zi Ran Qigong alongside is profession of Osteopathy, which allows him to bring a diversity of knowledge and experience to the science of movement. He investigates the bridge between eastern and western medical paradigms, aligning metaphor with structure to shed light on the cause and effects of the practices of Qi-Gong.

Teddi Emerald

As an empowerment healer, Teddi uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), hypnosis and inner child work to make mindset changes from within. She is passionate about being a facilitator for transformation, recreating the way individuals think and feel about themselves, and their place in the world.


New Zealand born Ngati Kahugnunu woman, Whaia is a Sonic Weaver who uses Traditional First Nations instruments and her vocals to create healing phonics. Blending melodies of the natural world with crystalline frequencies, Whaia celebrates her culture and connection to source as she creates the sonic bridge between worlds.

Paloma Ferretti

Paloma completed her initial training at Santosha in Bali whilst under the guidance of her guru Ketut Arsana of Ubud. Over the years she has continued her growth with further yoga training alongside Rose Baudi, Carlos Pomeda and Gwyn Williams, whilst also returning to the roots of her practice in Ubud once a year.

Paloma's flows reflect her personality - passionate and fun, with a high attention to detail and alignment. Her Vinyasa classes are both creative and dynamic, whilst being deeply mindful and nourishing for the mind, body and spirit. Most importantly, she encourages the connection between breath and movement to help her mentees dig deeper into their practice.

Arjanna Van Kan

10 years ago, the Srilankan born and bred Arjanna first fell in love with the dynamic movements and stretching sensation that entailed the physical practice (asana) of yoga to compliment her then busy career. Like many others, as she spent more time on her mat, it became clear to her that what kept her coming back went far beyond a healthy body. She discovered that the eight-limbed path of yoga had an incredible way of silencing the noise in her mind and increasing her ability to make decisions in her life keeping the best interest of her body and mind at heart.

Expect to flow, sweat and breathe your worries away in Arjanna’s classes as she imparts awareness of body, breath and self, to empower her students to find their own authentic way of being both on and off the mat.

Uma & Dingo Spender

Musically gifted and spiritually awakened couple, Uma and Dingo Spender, put their skills together to create something meaningful and helpful for a world that so desperately needed guidance and comfort during Melbourne’s lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They merged their talents and created breathwork courses that were accessible and inclusive to all.

Their breathwork classes are designed to “bridge the gap for many who find meditation to be too challenging.”
Uma and Dingo Spender

Nikka Holt

Appreciative of how movement makes her feel, Nikka has always prioritised giving her body as much nourishment and love as she can; both through movement and self-love practices. Turning this passion into a career, Nikka has over 6 years of experience teaching Pilates and Dance.

Through her high-energy, feel-good classes, Nikka aims to help her clients build a deeper, more loving connection to their bodies, boosting their self-love and self-confidence.


Ryko is a wellness expert with more than 20 years experience in the field, having devoted himself to the study of massage therapy, energy work, oriental medicine and indigenous healing, traveling the world studying natural healing methods. He specialises in helping people reach their full potential through the practices of mindfulness, resilience, relaxation and lifestyle development, with focus on mind-body connection.

Carmen Warrington

Carmen has written and recorded guided meditations for almost 40 years, touching the hearts and lives of thousands of meditators around the world. Published author and meditation teacher, Carmen shares her passion through music and words, guiding people inwards and steering them towards their intuition.

“Coming home to yourself is so important. As your mind calms down and becomes quieter, your heart can be heard. Unconditional love rises to the surface. Love is the answer. It’s all about love.”
Carmen Warrington

Tara Folton

An internationally recognised yoga teacher, Tara brings a wealth of expertise to her students, guiding them on and off the mat. With certifications from esteemed institutes in Costa Rica and Wilmington, Tara has over 700 hours of yoga instructor training.

For Tara, yoga is a transformative journey shared passionately with her students. Recognising the unique potential within each individual, Tara's classes foster an environment where students can connect with their authentic selves.

Liane Healy

Liane Healy has worked in the health and wellness industry for 30 years. She has an Applied Science degree in Health Education, a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and a Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

She is a mother of three children with a background in holistic health and is now the owner of endota spa in Bowral. As a counsellor, she has worked in private practice and in community counselling roles and created the Better Wellbeing journal to meet the needs of her clients in private practice. The Better Wellbeing journal has informed and shaped a lot of the content you’ll find on Retreat, especially in supporting people on their personal journeys to better wellbeing. Liane says that her greatest desire is that this content "will speak to those who need it and provide an opportunity to inspire wellness into their every day."

Matt Young

Founder and Director of Melbourne Meditation Centre, Matt Young has dedicated over two decades delving into the practices of meditation and mindfulness. Matt's reason for starting the Melbourne Meditation Centre was to enhance accessibility to meditation by unraveling its complexities, simplifying the learning process, and tailoring it to the preferences of modern individuals.

“I love seeing the light-bulbs switch on in people's heads when they realise they can meditate, despite their overactive minds and busy schedules."
Matt Young

Martina Healey

For three decades Martina has lived a life driven by passion teaching the “lesson” facilitating human potential and transformation through a range of kinetic motions to create awareness and explore the possibilities of movement, mind and meditation. Certified in Contemporary Pilates and teaching Methodology combined with Somatic Movement and Meditation, she encourages individuals to explore the importance of beginning any practice with clear intentions.

“I am looking forward to you setting intentions to create balance and allowing the mind to slow down in the present moment so that you can experience a clear, calm way of living.”
Martina Healey

Phoebe Dubar

Phoebe Dubar is a qualified sound healer based in Melbourne who uses a combination of ancient and modern instruments to help participants reach a deep state of relaxation using crystals, chimes and Tibetan singing bowls. Her sound palette has been described as lying at “the delicate intersection of the natural world in fissure with atmospheric electronics and instruments.”

Kate Williams

Kate helps people better connect to their inner self and their intuition through the practice of guided meditations, manifestation workshops and channel readings. Her intent is to help others gain clarity, perspective and purpose in their daily lives.

“The truth of who you are is found within. The one true constant of all things lives within you. Learning to access this point awakens a feeling of peace, love and joy.”
Kate Williams

Uma Spender

Based in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Uma Spender has made a career out of hosting yoga immersion, trainings, and retreats around the world by helping people unlock the power of their breath.

“[Explore] embodiment and empowerment in a rapidly changing world”
Uma Spender

Briony Goldsmith

Briony is a Melbourne based nutritionist, meditation teacher and intuitive empath. She has come from a family of healers and started exploring spirituality from a young age, which helped her realise her guiding purpose of helping people better connect to their inner-selves and led her to create Soul Star Festival – dedicated to holistic health, wellbeing and healing.