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Wellness means so much more than simply not being sick or injured. It’s a holistic state of positive physical, social and mental wellbeing. It’s feeling your very best, in every way. Maintaining that wellness is one of the most powerful ways we can show ourselves love and respect – and lay the foundation for a wonderful life. This course will help you explore all the ways you can bring wellness into your world.

What you'll cover
While exploring Wellness – the sixth of the 7 Elements of Wellbeing – you’ll see how the choices we make regarding wellness can pave the way towards a more enriching life. For your physical body, that could mean embracing nutrition, exercise or other positive daily habits. For your mind, you might reflect on emotional stability and mental health – as well as how your social connections add value to your life. You’ll also cover meditation, keeping a positive mindset and goal-setting.

How you'll feel
Inspired and empowered by the positive self-esteem that’s so essential for our general health and happiness. And ready to be more resilient and more balanced in maintaining wellness – in your body, mind and connections.

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